Noem me Ismaël | Call me Ishmael

Installation view at Casco / Fotodok during the exhibition Another Place, My Life – Nieuw werk uit Het Vijfde Seizoen

In collaboration with Het Vijfde Seizoen

Five different voices read passages from the novel Noem me Ismaël | Call me Ishmael; a contemporary adaptation of Moby Dick by Herman Melville. This novel is the final result of an intensive collaboration between informal strategies and the inhabitants of a psychiatric institution in Den Dolder (NL). During a three month residency on the grounds, informal strategies initiated collective reading sessions. The story of the mad captain Achab and his search for the white whale inspired the readers to tell their own stories, thus creating their own version of the 19th century novel.
The backdrop of the story is a series of infra-red photographs of the psychiatric grounds, in the installation presented as a duo-channel slide show.

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