Your “Order” is Built on Sand

The photos were taken during the exhibition In Cycles at Ausstellungsraum Bautzner69 in Dresden.

Your “Order” is Built on Sand is created with the support of CBK Rotterdam, Heij Konijn Fonds, the Mondriaan Fund and Landeshauptstad Dresden.

The installation was first exhibited at TENT Rotterdam during the exhibition Motion/Labour/Machinery

This installation is slightly larger than human size, so that it imposes its order on the body. On the glass shelves a herbarium is displayed, whose plants were picked and scanned during day hikes surrounding the Amazon distribution center in Leipzig. This act of walking and picking connects the activities of the so-called ‘pickers’ at Amazon, whose job it is to collect and scan products, with those of socialist economist Rosa Luxemburg, who collected an extensive herbarium and who was deeply involved in the fight for workers’ rights. ‘Your “order” is built on sand,’ are some of the last words she wrote before her assassination, and they are charged with the potential for change and the re-ordering of society. This revolutionary spirit is invoked in the installation through a letter addressed to Rosa Luxemburg, dealing with today’s erosion of workers’ rights and the possibilities of subverting the imposed “order”.

In parallel to the installation the reader If You Work It, You Own It [Link] was developed.