Tower Upside Down

actors: Anna-Lena Ohlsson, Emil Jonsson, Mats Nyqvist and Hida Spahija
music: Matthijs van Wageningen

Installation view at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam during the exhibition Scenographies curated by Clare Butcher.

Tower Upside Down is created with the support of the Mondriaan Fund and IASPIS.

The name ‘Tower Upside Down’ brings to mind a modernist building, whose design is so symmetrical, that even upside down its features would appear the same. The video installation Tower Upside Down revisits the edifice of modernist society from four perspectives: the Architect, the Bureaucrat, the Poet and the Outsider. As a man collapses beneath a traffic junction in nightly Stockholm, all passers-by react in their own particular way and interrupt the authoritative voice-over of the film with their own inner voice.
In a parallel edit we see abstract images of a model city, in which visual inspirations to modernism, such as De Stijl, are still visible in their radical potentiality.

Compilation of Tower Upside Down | 6 min. (available in full HD)