Open – Closed

Photo’s were taken during the program De Winkel om de Hoek, curated by Rhizomatic – Project Space for Artistic Research.

In 2014 Rhizomatic organized a series of projects called the corner shop, dealing with the hustle and bustle of North Amsterdam. It was shortly after the Dutch king declared a new era of political consciousness: the Participation Society. The cutbacks in public spending, brought on by the financial crisis, were presented by the government and the Amsterdam municipality as part of this “new society”. In an awkward twist of fate policy makers now called on the civic duty of “helping each other out” as a way to decrease public spending.
Open – Closed reads into the new political language – that is oddly reminiscent of the language of socialism – and asks passersby about what it all means. Some of these old words with new meanings were brought to the streets as LED-signs in shops and snack bars, where they were able to recharge.

Parallel to this work the publication Open – Closed [Link] was developed.