Kleinpolder on the Move

A collaboration with Mette Sterre and Alex Strik.

The photo’s were taken in the neighborhood during the event and in the homes of the residents.

The project was supported by Woonstad Rotterdam.

This project started in a neighborhood that had been told for years it was to be demolished soon, causing a lot of its inhabitants to feel as if in between houses. So, Kleinpolder on the Move stuck Velcro to the moving boxes, to build pavilions, towers and even ships, re-imagining the future of the city. Every day these 358 boxes – one for every house to be demolished – were to be found on the common lawn, where new elements of the project were conceived over coffee and lemonade. Some of those ideas were: to create walking buildings and robot suits; shoot vaudeville portraits of families in their haunted houses; and to paste these large-scale photos onto the facades of the surrounding apartment blocks.