If You Work It, You Own It — a reader on workers’ control, excerpted from books at Amazon.de

Production: Doris Denekamp and Geert van Mil
Design: Linda Beumer

This reader is a spin-off from Your Order is Built on Sand [Link] , and it investigates the idea, propagated by socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg and others, that workers should not rent out their time to the owners of industry. Instead, through their labor they should themselves become owners, and gain control over their working conditions. In more recent crises, workers’ control has gained renewed interest, and has been introduced into contemporary capitalist environments, for example in Scotland and Argentina. The reader contains photocopies of books that record instances of workers’ control and its necessary circumstances. All these books are available at Amazon.de, a multinational infamous for its working conditions, who sells the world’s largest book collection available. If You Work It… attempts to activate the potential of this contemporary library of Alexandria, with the aim of making conceivable an alternative, workers-controlled economy.