Call me Ishmael

Published by: Jap Sam Books
Co-published by: Het Vijfde Seizoen

Call me Ishmael is the outcome of a residency period in psychiatric institution the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. During these three months, we have selectively read parts of the book Moby Dick (Herman Melville, 1851) with patients; an epic story about the life of a ship’s crew, dealing with its depression, fears and utter madness. This reading together created space for the exchange of stories. In Call me Ishmael transcript merges with fiction when Ishmael, the main character of Moby Dick, arrives at the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. It recounts the stories of childhood, lost loved ones, and what’s in the papers, set between excerpts of Melville.
The Willem Arntsz Hoeve has been in existence for over a hundred years. Infra-red photographs of its partly concealed pavilions form the theatrical backdrop of the story. This photographic technique reveals images that are otherwise indiscernible to the naked eye.

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The book was also reworked into a sound installation. [link]