Photo’s were taken by Emilio Moreno during the creation and inauguration of the Anarchitecture pavilion in Delft.

This project was supported by Werkplaats Spoorzone Delft.

In the middle of a massive urban renewal project in the center of Delft (NL), Anarchitecture provided a platform for radical participatory design. Different groups were invited to the vacant grounds of a former factory for hands-on experiments in grass root city planning. Here, a makeshift pavilion was erected based on the design patterns Public Outdoor Room and Stairs to Sit On, taken from the pattern language by Christopher Alexander. This design language, developed in the US in the 70s, aimed to provide people with a method to successfully construct buildings without training. The scale of these structures can vary from a house to an entire city. This radical involvement in urban planning contrasted sharply with the very limited participation programs organized by the city of Delft.
The Anarchitecture pavilion subsequently hosted different get-togethers and workshops organized by activist groups Right to the City and Rotterdammers in Action, the artist collective FoAMlab, field biologist Geert van Poelgeest and others.