3 Steps towards a Future

Photo’s were taken in and around Exarchia, Athens.

This poster project travels on fences, electricity boxes and pillars in the streets of Exarchia, Athens. The public space of this neighborhood functions as a social message board for all kinds of texts; it is an urban form of Facebook where subjects as politics and football are discussed. 3 Steps towards a Future participated in this debate during the heat of the financial crisis, inspired by the book The Global Minotaur by Yanis Varoufakis.

The three different posters read:
1. The European Central Bank can and should force banks to cancel the debts of countries.
2. The European Central Bank can and should take responsibility for a part of all member countries’ debt.
3. The European Investment Bank should recycle funds from richer to poorer member countries.

The small text at the bottom of all three posters says: “In a monetary union having too much credit is as destructive as having too little.”